What do you get
when you combine
the fashionable trends
of global fashion capitals
and the wild nature
of tropical islands?
You get Devil's Tear – exotic handmade jewelry from the island of Bali, created from natural materials and gorgeous in every detail. Our philosophy is based on the motto: "It's your choice." The pressures of the modern fashion have no influence on our products, because we know that the real flawless style lies beyond the colored pages of glamorous catalogs.
Our jewelry combines the surprising and the incongruous – an audacity of design, yet natural in its presentation. We make jewelry for adventurers who conquer the peaks and leave a trail of legends behind them. We make bracelets for feminine and sexy Amazons, those women who are admired but can never be tamed.
an audacity of design
The main idea of our company is the unity of antiquity and the new age, so in our jewelry we combine the elements of both classic and indigenous styles. The original design is born out of the riot of vibrant nature, taking the shape of the unique material and the mythical legends of the island and our frequent travels around the world.

If you know that brutality can be elegant, that everything in the world is and should be united, that ancient and traditional is not the opposite of modern and stylish — our jewelry is made for you.
For those who have an ocean in their hearts