Guardian of the Lake Cuff Bracelet in Iguana Leather

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The incredible azure color of iguana skin wins the heart of anyone who loves magic dragons. The head and the tail of the dragon are made of sterling silver, and its body is crafted out of the solid opaque skin of a bright blue iguana leather. The Guardian of the Lake is a powerful and brave dragon from an ancient Balinese legend, one who can push away his fears and go the distance.

This exceptional accessory is the ideal choice to add laid-back luxury to a variety of styles.

Blue Iguana Leather Cuff Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Size Chart
For the silver parts of our jewelry, we use only sterling silver
The skin of the iguana is very gentle and pleasantly smooth to touch, but is also very practical due to its durability
2 weeks
Our masters spent 74 hours creating and decorating this unique piece of art to make it perfect for you
We deliver our items worldwide.
The cost of delivery is 45 US dollars. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Each Devil's Tear product is handmade and totally unique. Most of our jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, so please take a look at our limited collection. The color of the product and the processing of the skin may differ slightly from the images due to uniqueness of each single jewel.
Very stylish bracelet in an absolutely exceptional color!
The legend of the Lake Guardian emerges from a tiny village deep in the mountains of Bali. The residents of this village kindly shared it with us and we, in turn, share with you:

When the mountain situated near the village starts to tremble and breathes with smoke, the beautiful dragon comes up from the depth of water. He hugs the mountain with his giant coils and appeases the force of nature.
for those
who are free of fears and can go the distance to find their way

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