Alpha Chamaeleontis Bracelet in Monitor-Lizard Leather

Bracelet Size
The Alpha Chamaeleontis bracelet is totally unique, just like the star it is named after. It is extravagant, stylish, vibrant and hypnotizing. The head of a reptile (which looks so real!) is made from sterling silver, and the black belt is crafted out of the monitor lizard skin.

This item uses a special skin processing technique and is only available by pre-order. Please allow up to two months for us to create this amazing piece for you.

Layer this with your other favorite pieces, or wear it alone for a casual, chic statement piece.

Modern Silver monitor lizard Leather Bracelet

Size Chart
For the silver parts of our jewelry, we use only sterling silver
monitor lizard
The skin of monitor lizards has a unique diamond-shaped pattern
2 weeks
Our masters spent 76 hours creating and decorating this unique piece of art to make it perfect for you
We deliver our items worldwide.
The cost of delivery is 45 US dollars. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Each Devil's Tear product is handmade and totally unique. Most of our jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, so please take a look at our limited collection. The color of the product and the processing of the skin may differ slightly from the images due to uniqueness of each single jewel.
The bracelet is named after the brightest star of Chameleon – Alpha Chamaeleontis, a constellation that can be seen in the southern hemisphere.
The enigmatic chameleon can change its shape many times a day, expressing its emotions and reactions. However, don't you dare think that this beauty is defenseless – the lizard is incredible resilient, frightening predators with just a single look!
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In love with absolute freedom

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