Dragon of the Sea
Cuff Bracelet

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This bracelet is the calling card of Devil's Tear. Its classic elegance will make the perfect present for both women and men. The item is made of black stingray skin, which is polished to a shine and excellently matches with the silver head of an Indonesian dragon. Make this your signature bracelet!

Stingray Black Leather Cuff Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Size Chart
For the silver parts of our jewelry, we use only sterling silver
Characteristic bumps in the form of tiny pearls on the skin of the stingray are a special chitinous layer that provides its exclusive durability
2 weeks
Our masters spent 74 hours creating and decorating this unique piece of art to make it perfect for you
We deliver our items worldwide.
The cost of delivery is 45 US dollars. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Each Devil's Tear product is handmade and totally unique. Most of our jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, so please take a look at our limited collection. The color of the product and the processing of the skin may differ slightly from the images due to uniqueness of each single jewel.
The gorgeous creatures from ancient legends served as an inspiration for this line of jewelry
The stingray's skin forms the basis of the bracelet. These fish are one of the most ancient in the world! They do not have any bones, and their organs are held in place by the beautifully-patterned chitinous skin that is as solid as a shell. Its delightful weave became a calling card of this fish and the fanciest ornament for the body of our sea dragon.
for those
Who appreciate the genuine style and luxury

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