Tokyo the Leviathan

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The avant-garde and extraordinary bracelet is made of stingray skin and sterling silver. The double lock is styled to look like the natural pattern of the stingray, and the patina on the metal lends the bracelet an undeniably vintage luxury. In creating this bracelet, we aimed to retain the natural roughness and beauty of the stingray skin.

A stylish custom made identifiable accessory, the «Tokyo the Leviathan» Bracelet is perfect for a fresh and classy look.
unisex JEWELRY

Contemporary Stingray Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver

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For the silver parts of our jewelry, we use only sterling silver
Thanks to millions of years of evolutions, stingray's skin is incredibly durable and naturally resistant to moisture
2 weeks
Our masters spent 69 hours creating and decorating this unique piece of art to make it perfect for you
We deliver our items worldwide.
The cost of delivery is 45 US dollars. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Each Devil's Tear product is handmade and totally unique. Most of our jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, so please take a look at our limited collection. The color of the product and the processing of the skin may differ slightly from the images due to uniqueness of each single jewel.
We invented a massive double lock to prevent the accidental loss of a bracelet. It is discreetly embedded in the decorative ornament, allowing the remarkable bracelet to remain both elegant and reliable.
The design for this bracelet was inspired by our trip to Tokyo, which is futuristic and high-tech on the one hand and traditional and harmonious on the other. Staying in the cozy house of our friend, we experienced the harmony of the tea ceremony and learned to embrace the spirit of the duality of daily Japanese life. We came to understand that the world can never be divided and that ancient traditions and modern progress are not supposed to be in opposition to each other.
for those
Who keep calm in the raging waves of life's tempests

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