Thanks to millions of years of evolutions, stingray's skin is incredibly durable and naturally resistant to moisture. However, our master jewelers, using the traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, are able to make this rugged material unbelievingly malleable and transform it into beautiful bracelets.

The stingray does not have a skeleton; instead, a dense, keratinized layer of skin holds its internal organs in place, which makes it very durable. As a result, traditional people all over the world made use of its incredible properties, such as the unmatched Samurai warriors of Japan who covered their sword's hilts, scabbard and armor with stingray's skin in order to make it resistant to the cuts of enemy katanas.
The coloring of the skin is unique for every stingray – thus, no two of our bracelets will ever have the same pattern!

Characteristic bumps in the form of tiny pearls on the skin of the stingray are a special chitinous layer that provides its exclusive durability. However, the skin may be processed in various ways: you can achieve absolute smoothness and shine, or retain a pleasant rough texture with tiny pearl bumps. Anyone can choose what they want!

Lizard skin is very gentle and pleasantly rough to touch.

Lizard skin is very gentle and pleasantly rough to touch.
The skin of monitor lizards has a unique diamond-shaped pattern. After working with it for decades, our masters have developed their own coloring techniques and can achieve even non-trivial shades with smooth shifts from one color to another. Each bracelet is individual, and the paint is always absorbed in a special way that is unique for each piece of skin. It depends on the natural pattern of the material, which is unique for every lizard and depends upon the age of the animal.
The laws regulating the harvesting and the processing of lizard skin is currently quite weak; however, we only buy our material from trusted suppliers.

The skin of the crocodile is one of the most valuable materials in the world, and has always been a symbol of luxury. Due to its natural pattern, it cannot be mistaken for any other skin.

The idea for the design of our «Alpha Chameleon» bracelet came to us when we stumbled upon a beautiful piece of raw crocodile skin from the 'ridge' of the animal, which is an especially rare and expensive material. «Chameleon» is one of our favorite designs.

The crocodiles spend most of their time in the water, which is why their skin is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. Its high cost is influenced by two factors: the complexity and costliness of raising crocodiles on special farms, as well as the duration and difficulties of processing the skin - sometimes it takes up to several months!

The skin of the ostrich has an extremely rare shagreen texture – it is soft yet firm, as well as elastic and durable. Accessories made out of it remain perfectly new and good-looking for decades!

Due to natural oil content in the skin, it does not crumble or take any other damage.
To this day the processing of ostrich's skin is a very complicated process, requiring many hours of painstaking manual labour – that's why it is so valuable.
Many of the well-known fashion houses, such as Gucci, Venetta, Prada, and so on use the ostrich's skin in their collections and it never goes out of style.
What do you get when you combine the fashionable trends of global fashion capitals and the wild nature of tropical islands?