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Bring your style to life with the bright colors of natural stones.
Our Origins
Before founding Nougat, Chihiro Katsura studied Mineralogy and Economic Geology at Akita University in Japan. She traveled all over the world, but a few years ago she was invited to Bali.
One morning while walking along the narrow streets of Ubud (the cultural and artistic heartland of the island, with green rice terraces and valleys serving as the backdrop to many art galleries and age-old temples and palaces), she came across a small local clinic. There were no visitors because it was still early, and she looked with interest at the case in the waiting room, which was full of bright, perfectly arranged stones on glass shelves.
The doctor told her all about why the stones were laid out that way, and why those particular stones had been chosen—and with this answer, Chihiro's whole life turned around. It laid the foundation for a long friendship with the master who taught her the many secrets of natural stones.
It turned out that Pak Dewa Made combines energy work with shiatsu style acupressure and Balinese massage. He was a specialist in natural gems — his knowledge was not based on institutional research, but on the practice of his family who had long used stones to remove negative energy and improve the condition of their patients.

Step by step, Chihiro discovered the natural power of untreated stones under the guidance of this master. She applied to a course in Metalcrafts and Jewelry Art, and after two years of education, she became a certificated jeweler and founded her brand "Nougat".
Bright, wise, unique, Nougat is all about raw stones. When choosing jewelry made from natural gems, Chihiro encourages you to take your time. It is best to meditate to understand exactly what kind of stone you need. The right jewelry can perform miracles and, even more, completely change your life.

Let the bright colors paint the river of your life!