Shaman Bracelet

Bracelet Size
This special bracelet consists of a massive belt of ostrich's skin accented with silver elements. The color of the bracelet is typically black, but can also come in brown or maroon. The double lock, made of patina silver, is elegant and reliable. It will make the ideal gift for both business and informal styles.

A standout on its own, it also looks great layered with your other Bird's Milk favorites. Ostrich leather features will differ from bracelet to bracelet due to the ostrich's unique hide pattern.


Ostrich Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Size Chart
For the silver parts of our jewelry, we use only sterling silver
The skin of ostrich has a unique pattern and an extremely rare shagreen texture – it is soft yet firm, as well as elastic and durable
65 hours
Our masters spent 8 days creating and decorating this unique piece of art to make it perfect for you
We deliver our items worldwide.
The cost of delivery is 45 US dollars. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Each Devil's Tear product is handmade and totally unique. Most of our jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, so please take a look at our limited collection. The color of the product and the processing of the skin may differ slightly from the images due to uniqueness of each single jewel.
Every piece of jewelry has its own magical power. The Artifact of the Shaman will help you stay calm in any circumstances and strengthen your ability to challenge your destiny.
We were lucky enough to meet a true shaman in Bali, a healer who lives in a remote village. From dawn to dusk, he helps people to fight their illnesses with herbs, massage, advice or prayer. The wisdom and kindness of this sage were remarkable, and the people who visit him often come away transformed. After seeing these miracles, we asked him what supernatural forces were at work, but the sage told us: "It is not the power of the mind, but the power of the heart. If you let it open and rush upon you, the answers will come themselves." We made this bracelet to share this marvelous story and to remind you of the power that lives in your heart.
for those
Who are able to channel their hidden strength

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