Devil's Tear unisex jewelry brand is the result of a collaboration between two women; one who had found her talents in the business sphere, the other a creative artist who found her calling through a desire to express woman's true identity. Long-time friends, they found through the years that they were different sides of the same coin. Both were using their passions to find a larger purpose.

The brand began with the mythical dragon, a symbol of strength, love, protection, and security. The flames that accompanied it were the driving force behind the two creators. As Natasha sketched, Natalie molded the logistics behind the Devil's Tear brand, which employs the primal philosophy that mystical talismans can provide the strength to reach one's goals and tell one's own unique story.

With the inspiration that stemmed from work with the LGBTQ+ community, victims of human trafficking, and victims of assault, Devil's Tear's products hope to inspire all women through principles employed in ancient history; namely by objectifying emotion to provide the ability to persevere and withstand all forthcomings. Natalie and Natasha's work continues, as they partner with various charities to bring each of their skill sets to the classrooms of those who can benefit from their expertise, while also holding events to support the causes and people that stirred them to begin their work in the first place. The brand's recent move to New York has given the creators active agency to participate in the city's vibrant community while working with and supporting female entrepreneurs who fall under the motif "I am not what I appear to be."

Since the original venture of the dragon, Devil's Tear has expanded to feature a variety of creatures that have been depicted historically in protective amulets, talismans, and good luck charms. We believe that each bracelet, ring, and charm will pass the wisdom of the creature it features to its wearer, and help guide each towards their true paths.

Most Devil's Tear clients, like the creators, live busy and hectic lives in the name of helping others. When Devil's Tear began, we wanted our creations to bring a feeling of calm and tranquility into the lives of those who wear them. Each gem, piece of leather, and metal has a way of attracting and storing energies. The positive and negative energies of earth, the energies of the piece's surroundings elements, and the energies of the silver or goldsmiths who have worked on it all remain with the jewelry. Therefore, for each piece to find its true home and uncover its talisman potential, a purification ceremony is performed on the piece upon completion—an essential feature of all Devil's Tear creations (please see more on the "Talismans" page on this site).

In addition the featuring of some of the strongest spiritual guardians, Devil's Tear consults several masters of Feng Shui to achieve the most appropriate combination of creature and color. Some of our more whimsical customers may find a flawless fit with our Sea Dragon, a 925-silver bracelet adorned with sea-blue leather. Those who are daring will shine boldly in our lipstick-red Dragon of Light. Whatever your own character strengths may be, we at Devil's Tear are here to help you in finding your own talismans to help guide your personal journey, while showing off your sophisticated and trendsetting individual style.

Let Devil's Tear creations find you, and help you to get in touch with your inner self as they dare you to dazzle the world.