Sea Dragon Cuff Bracelet and Beginning of Creation Bracelet Cuff

Sea Dragon Cuff Bracelet Size
Beginning of Creation Bracelet Cuff Size

This stunning handcrafted set consists of 2 bracelets. perfect for free spirits who embrace boho chic style.

Sea Dragon Cuff Bracelet is the calling card of Devil's Tear. Its classic elegance will make the perfect present for both women and men. The item is made of black stingray skin, which is polished to a shine and excellently matches with the silver head of a dragon.

Due to its unique body shape, the octopus is called the symbol of cyclicality. Imagine the smooth tentacles of an octopus, gradually spinning in the dark water... We reflected these hypnotizing movements in our Beginning of Creation Bracelet, which bends your wrist with an elastic hoop. Touch the gorgeous tender leather, and feel the energy of the World Ocean that we put in there.

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